Phone Confirmation

I just got off the phone with someone doing a 3 question survey, and they asked me a final question that I found rather interesting:
“To confirm that I spoke to you, can you tell me the color of your eyes?”


“Chris-ism” Quote Generator

Here at Brainfuel and Tornado Design, we are always coming up with random sayings. Well, more accurately, Chris is.

After many days and nights of deliberation, I have decided to share his stunning wit with the world.

Ladies and gentlemen, without further ado, I present the “Chris-ism” Quote Generator.

At the moment, there is a grand total of 4,290 possible unique quotes that can be generated. If you have any quote suggestions to add, just post a comment. Who knows? Your “Chris-ism” might just end up in the rotation.


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Tom’s Weekend Links – September 30th

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