Author: Chris Tingom

  • A poem about a saguaro

    A poem about a saguaro

    The saguaro stands tall and proud, A symbol of the Wild West. Its spiky arms reach up to the clouds, A testament to its hardiness and zest. With roots that dig deep into the ground, It stands fast through heat and storm. A desert king, with a crown of spikes, It weathers every day with…

  • Optimizing for PageSpeed Insights scores on Webflow and WordPress

    Optimizing for PageSpeed Insights scores on Webflow and WordPress

    A few tips, from a year optimizing a site. Your Google Fonts, or your Adobe fonts are slowing down your site. Get those loaded up on Webflow and don’t call a third party for fonts. Watch out for integrations with Facebook through HubSpot. It can add a huge 250kb tracking script, and be a silent…

  • Microsoft Azure Logo

    Microsoft Azure Logo

    An interesting case of poor brand management. The team at Microsoft have left a very poor trail of guidance about the proper logo to use for Microsoft Azure. For example, most folks use this blue triangle logo. However, that’s not the proper logo, and really never was. For example, they did release that triangle shape,…

  • Best Icon Libraries

    Best Icon Libraries

    I recently did a bunch of research into the best icon libraries. There are quite a few options available, so instead of telling you my favorite I will just link to the various libraries and let you decide! Top picks: The Noun Project: Pixel Love Nova: Orion: Material: Streamline: Fontawesome: Glyphicons: Flaticon: