Author: Chris Tingom

  • edesign magazine April 02

    edesign magazine April 02 is the premiere issue of edesign magazine. From what I’ve seen, it’s a winner. I plan to subscribe. The web site itself is nicely done and if they keep it updated frequently enough, will prove to be a good resource for both discussion and news.

  • mediaworks nyc Unique design

    mediaworks nyc Unique design but still somewhat basic in implementation.

  • bitforms The interface is

    bitforms The interface is so very simple. Nice job.

  • Novell

    Novell The Novell web site is actually quite nice. The navigation is clear and consistent. Plenty of white space and the photos are a bit more interesting than say what some other companies might use. liutilities Easy to use. Clean navigation. Nothing fancy, just easy. Gain.AIGA A unique navigation experience unlike most you will have…