As You Can See…

BrainFuel has a new design! It’s revised and has a cleaner, sharper layout! One of the major benefits is that you can tell at a glance who posted an article (before it wasn’t so obvious).

We also have an official About Us page which you should definitely (yeah, so I spelled it wrong the first go around, big deal) check out and read. Two of our posters are still writing bios so that’s why they’re blank.

The all-new layout has been developed by Andrew Smith at who did it all in CSS. Great job!! Be sure to visit his blog which is 200% random. Andrew is a good friend and we’ve made him a permanent guest-poster here at BrainFuel land. He’s a whiz at CSS and WordPress.

Our old design had many benefits and worked well. Sometimes site layouts get tired and it’s nice to have something new!

3 responses to “As You Can See…”

  1. Great job on the new design – I like it a lot better than the old one. Much easier to read, too.

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