Phoenix is #2 Most Connected City

According to this Arizona Republic article, Phoenix is now the #2 most connected city in America. That’s surprising considering that Phoenix is fifth in terms of population. The article also talks about VOIP which is something I want to switch to this year for my business line.

Last year Nielsen/Net Ratings ranked Phoenix second only to San Diego as the nation’s most-connected metropolitan area. The media rating agency concluded that 68.4 percent of Internet users in the Valley connect to the Web via a high-speed service (over 56 kilobytes per second).

2 responses to “Phoenix is #2 Most Connected City”

  1. I want a VOIP cell phone. Just you wait. It’s coming. They already have wifi VOIP phones. With the introduction of 802.16 and widespread networks, cell phone companies will be given a run for their money.

  2. I think the best integration would be a cell phone that uses wifi when available. I know for a fact that it would be great for when you are in the office. What happens when I leave my wifi spot? Would it connect to a cell tower instantly?

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