Are you working on your business, rather than in it?

Question: What percentage of your time do you spend working on your business, rather than in it? We’ve all heard the proverbial phrase that you should be working on your business rather than just in it. Because if you are working for your company, all you’ve done is create a job.

As a bonus question, what percentage of you time do you spend working on your own projects (for example, creating your own product)?


4 responses to “Are you working on your business, rather than in it?”

  1. I understand clearly the point you are trying to make. In order to be a successful business you must devote your time trying to create your business rather than working in your business. Real entrepreneurs don’t work. That’s the difference between entrepreneur and employee. An employee spends their time working while an entrepreneur spends his time thinking. E entrepreneurs create jobs. They don’t think like employees.Employees look for jobs, entrepreneurs supply jobs.

  2. Work has been slow for us, but in spite of that we still come in every day and work on stuff. Over the last few months we have spent a lot of time working on our own projects and trying to work on how the business works so that as we do get more clients we can know how to better work with them.

  3. On it or in it, I actually prefer to get out of it whenever I can and take my clients with me! Much more satisfying for all concerned!

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