Apple Store Window Display

The Apple Store at the Biltmore does have the window effect of bursting glass. No doubt the idea was that the sound is so good — so loud — that it breaks the glass.

Here are my pictures. After seeing it in person, I’m convinced it doesn’t look very real. Only from a great distance would I wonder if the window really were broken. It’s a great gimmick and it got me out of my chair into the brisk 45 degree rain.

7 responses to “Apple Store Window Display”

  1. I wonder if they were trying to imply that the speaker blew out the window, or that their product is so good that people broke in to steal the display model?

  2. I saw it yesterday at the apple store in San Francisco, i saw it from a distance and really thought the glass was broken.

    (3rd T(h)omas commenting)

  3. I think there’s a scene in the Fight Club movie where they break a window, and if you look closely, it’s an Apple Store. I may be remembering completely wrong, though.

  4. Thought they could have a old PC lying on the ground outside with cables attached to the hole in the window.

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