Apparently it’s Christmas already

According to my radio alarm, at least. It went off today at 5 am playing Jingle Bells. What’s happening? So I have a question for you… do you like / dislike Christmas music? What about Manheim Steamroller?

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  1. Dude, it’s only a week from the official beginning of the shopping season so I’m not too surprised they’re starting with the music already. However, at my office complex, they started wrapping the trees with lights about a week prior to Halloween. For me, that was a bit over the top.

    Anyway, I dig Christmas music. But like anything, it gets old after listening to it day after day, especially if it’s all in the same format. I think the bigger issue is, in fact, radio stations that are stuck in a particular format, playing from the same limited list all day long.

    I’d like to see radio change to just playing good music, there’s so much out there that never hits the airwaves. I’d imagine there’s probably some great Christmas music out there that we’ve never heard.

  2. Uhh…it’s also Friday already. Where’s the photo caption contest, seen exclusively on Brainfuel every Friday?

    ; )

  3. I worked retail for all of high school and college (about 7 years) where the only time it wasn’t Christmas was April and June. Christmas music makes me foam at the mouth, particularly jingle bell rock as we sold those stupid dancing Santas. The only Christmas music that doesn’t completely offend me is instrumental, but Manheim Steamroller kind of creeps me out.

  4. I don’t mind Christmas music, but I don’t enjoy the fact that all of the local radio stations are already completely Christmas music. I was listening to the radio last night and a lady called in, ecstatic that radio station wasn’t playing Christmas music already. The DJ then said “Not yet, but…. it’s time for our Christmas Music Quiz!!!”

    I thought it was pretty funny how the DJ was all proud that they weren’t playing Christmas music yet and then jumped right to the Christmas Music Quiz.

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