Ansel Adams

I must admit I had no idea what Ansel Adams looked like. Here’s his photo. I ran across this site and it confused me at first because many of the photos are by other photographers besides Mr. Adams himself. I guess they’re thinking they can capitalize on the domain name or something.

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  1. You know, Ansel Adams has almost a cult following, but I simply don’t get what’s so incredibly awesome about him? Just because he did all black and white photos and he took photos with good lighting, he has a cult following. But I see black and white photos all the time that are well constructed with amazing lighting and they don’t get any recognition at all?

  2. Yeah, I don’t get it either. I think it’s a facination with Yosemite actually, people like that place and he took most of his photos around there.

    You know what I bet it is? I bet most people like his stuff because secretly they think they could have done what he did.

  3. Apparently, according to Doug Lewis (our resident photographer at DSB), you have to look at the era Ansel Adams was from to really understand why he was great. Basically, he was a pioneer. While everyone in that day and age was taking photos of people or objects, he made people realize that it was actually an art. He was one of the first pioneers to “paint with light” instead of just snapping a photo. At any rate, Doug went on about it for quite some time. Really too much to write it all down. But I understand Ansel a little bit better now I guess.

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