And the summer heat has arrived

For those folks living on planet earth in the northern hemisphere, summer has arrived and it’s time for some summer reading. Indoor reading that is. While we’re at it, happy Memorial Day from BrainFuel.

Let’s start with some reading guaranteed to put you to sleep faster than a frog on a totem pole (not sure about that but let’s just go with it).

All you’d ever want to know about ISO 9001 certification. It’s actually pretty interesting.

WordPress 1.5.1 changelog.

Here’s a good article from If you are a freelance or small Web design firm, I have an uncomfortable question to ask you: are you thinking too small?

Back to the topic of heat. I was reading this headline: First-Ever Seattle Heat Warning Issued – HAHAHAHAHHAHA! It was a high of 87 and they thought that was hot. Geeze, it’s already been 110 here in Phoenix!

It’s so hot in AZ you could cook an egg on the sidewalk! For steaks, hamburgers, and other things you need a grill. Check out this winner of the Johnsonville Ugly Grill Contest.

I wonder when PETA will get involved in this one: Lion Mutilates 42 Midgets in Cambodian Ring-Fight

Here’s an interesting write up of how you can Make Your PC Work (not look) More Like a Mac. From there I found this program called Top Desk. It’s a $10 shareware program and let me just say the demo is amazing. It gives Windows the full Expose feature that OSX has. Very cool! The only bad thing is I can’t tell if it slows down my computer since after the last few days it’s running really slow to begin with.

So, who do we know with some free time and a boring day job that can report back to us whether a Gmail 2GB hard drive is worth the effort?

The Library of Congress Online Shop is pretty nice.

This lake in Siberia holds 20% of the earths surface fresh water. Amazing. Details here: What Are The Five Largest Lakes In The World?

What to Know Before You Try to Raise Capital. No. 1. Have a final, airtight version of your business plan.

Try to think of somebody you know that wouldn’t look like a dork wearing this pro ninja outfit.

FTP program for Windows.

A hot day in Arizona circa 2557. You’ll need one of these heat suits to survive.

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  1. Nice, and now he’s selling tshirts. That’s the American way! By the way, did you hear about the 40 albino eskimos who are going to fight a polar bear? I’ll tell you about it sometime. Who do you think will win?

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