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An Introduction

Hello Brainfuel faithful. My name is Don Fitzsimmons. I am a Tornado Alumni (class of ’04) and there was a time long ago when I posted here occasionally. Well, I’m back.

For those of you who don’t know me, I’m a software developer (.Net, C#, PHP) and an entrepreneur. I am in the process of bootstrapping a web-based startup by night, and I work for a large software consultancy by day.

In future posts, I hope to bring a little programming geekyness to Brainfuel as well as some of my chronicles in bootstrapping a software company. I also hope to add to the interesting and fun dynamic here at Brainfuel and I would like to thank Chris for including me in this community. See you in future posts.

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  1. Yay Don, too bad you’re Irish. (jk) Glad you’re here, looking forward to some .Net candy.