Amazing source of inspiration

This… is… overwhelminging amazing. And depressing, all at the same time. Some company has created thousands of flash templates that they sell. Everything from auto-plex web sites to personal web pages. And they all look strikingly good. You can buy a template for like $65 and then modify it for your own needs. What has the industry come to? Seriously, though… Check out some of their templates!. If nothing else, they are inspiring if you’re ever looking for design ideas for your flash site. Oh yeah! And check out their tutorial and designers resource site. Some good stuff there.

7 responses to “Amazing source of inspiration”

  1. yes some stuff is fine, specially the flash but the static html designs will never be able to be accessibly designed

  2. I recently interviewed at Go Daddy, for a position as designer of these sort of templates, which they bundle with some sort of dummy website creation software.

  3. Template monster actually outsources most of their “template work” to freelance designers…I hear it is like a sweatshop if you do it, a lot of work, for little return. The incentive though, is the commission on your design, so if it is liked, then you do well.

  4. BEWARE of Template monster!!! I don’t know if you guys know what RIPS are but Template Monster is the home of them. They’ve been caught so many times by the design community directly stealing designs of other sites. It is not a good business – not a good business at all.

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