Airplane crashes and shipwrecks

I’m under the impression that in travel there is an unwritten rule that you never show train wreck movies on trains, airplane crash movies on airplanes, and ship sinking movies on ships.

Somebody get on the phone with Princess Cruises, because they were planning to play Titanic on this cruise ship, which had a serious accident on Tuesday. What are they thinking? That would seriously creep people out to show them Titanic while they’re on a boat.

Chris Broadbent, a 33-year-old honeymooner from New York City, said Tuesday night’s movie on the ship was supposed to be “Titanic.”

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8 responses to “Airplane crashes and shipwrecks”

  1. That is freaky. A good friend of mine and his wife were on that boat 1 week ago for their honeymoon.

  2. That is wild. I would liken that to watching episodes of Lost when flying from Sydney to NY. I would like to see Pirates on a pirate ship though. That would just be plain sweet on so many levels.

    Simillarly, I did see the movie Speed on a bus! I was on the way to Worlds of Fun in Kansas City for a high school band competion when someone put that one on. Fun times.

  3. While waiting in the airport for our flight back from SXSW, the Forty Media crew was huddled around the laptop watching an episode of 24.

    Everything was going great until out of nowhere, a missile shoots down Jack’s plane.

    (We slammed the laptop shut and put it away before any TSA folks happened to walk by.)

  4. Oh, want to hear something freaky. I was on a flight from CHI to PHX and all of a sudden I saw three stewards run to the middle of the plane and then immediately run back in the opposite direction with sweaty faces.

    What happened was a girl on the plane had a seizure and we had to make an emergency landing in CO. I told my buddy about this and he said that someone died on his dad’s flight. Imagine sitting crammed next to a dead person for the remainder of the flight.

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