One of the better commentary sites I’ve seen in recent days: Airbag. Why? Plenty of white space, content is blocked off into manageable chunks, and typography is expertly managed.

2 responses to “Airbag”

  1. Why do designers go ga-ga over text that is so miniscule and hard-to-read? The verdana font on this site is appalling on the eyes, esp. for web users over the age of 40 who typically have presbyopia.

  2. You’ll notice that we recently made our font larger on BrainFuel. That’s because I couldn’t hardly read it without squinting. I agree about Airbag – the font is a bit small and maybe that’s why I didn’t add it to my daily reading. I’ll say this though, the design is nice and if they tweaked the size up a bit they might increase their readership.

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