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AbleCommerce Shopping Cart

Some designers in town recently told me about AbleCommerce ECommerce Shopping Cart Software. It’s more expensive than, say, ProductCart, however it is .NET and apparently a solid program. I am intending to give it a more extensive whirl later this week and see what it can do. If anyone has used it, I’d be curious to hear your feedback.

By Chris Tingom

Principal of Tornado Design, a Phoenix, AZ based web consultancy

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AbleCommerce used to be written in Cold Fusion, and was mainly designed for e-shopping malls. It had tons of un-needed overhead and pretty much everytime we implemented it at a client, it had to be re-written. Luckily we found another solution quickly. I don’t know about the .NET version, hopefully they have improved the product.

Thanks Rod, interesting details on the background of the product. So, the other solution you found? Was that a product worth mentioning?

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