A terabyte for $300!

Ok, here’s the scoop… Office Depot is selling the Maxtor 200 gig (with warranty) hard drive for only $99. It just so happens that Staples also carries the same drive for $129, except they will meet any competitor’s price by %110. Which means that if you go to staples and tell them that Office Depot is selling it for $99, they’ll give you the same item for like $96.

Here’s the kicker… I was looking at Staples’ upcoming circular (which can be viewed at their web site), and what do you know. Bam! 200 gig hard drive on sale! After rebates, it’s only $59.94!!! The special starts on sunday and runs for six days.
You can literally buy an entire terabyte of drive space for $300!

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  1. Wow, that’s an insane deal. I bet they sell out really fast. I have a desire to buy one but my mind is telling me I have no need for it. What to do.

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