A short list of FTP programs

Thanks to everyone who commented and left feedback about what FTP program they use.




10 responses to “A short list of FTP programs”

  1. Didn’t get a chance last week to add my ftp for the Mac … surprised that no one added it – CaptainFTP. It’s an App that I’ve used since 2002, I believe.

    While the interface could use a bit of a re-design, I’ve never had any issues with it and has all the features I’ve ever needed.

  2. Is this list in order of most to least popular according to comments and feedback received?

  3. i use FTP surfer, its amazingly quick (but doesnt allow live editing – at least my dev team are happy about that cuz im always changing stuff live and now backing it up on the local server)


  4. They’re actually not listed in any order. I should’ve put numbers next to them based on preferences though.

    I’ll update the list with any additional programs people name in the comments.

  5. Maybe someone can tell me why you’d need external FTP programs? Unless I’m missing something all you need is a way to get files to/from a server.

  6. Technically, the FireFTP/firefox extension won’t be limited by operating system, so it probably shouldn’t be under “Windows”.

    Thanks for the tip though, I’ll be checking it out…

  7. @FREQ – some of us don’t like command line FTP and aren’t near our servers enough to walk the data over via disk

  8. Potato: That’s not what I ment. In the other post I mentioned I ues IE to do all my FTPing because all I need is file uploading. I ment ‘external’ to be ‘not part of Windows, natively’. The only reason I can think of is secure FTP.

  9. For Linux almost any file manager can do FTP (Konqueror, Nautilus, even Midnight Commander). You can always use command-line lftp of course.

  10. You can add one more FTP program in the above list. install FTP Manager Pro application on your PC and move file and even entire directories from anywhere. Transfer between PC, FTP accont, mobile devices. no need to worry about interrupted file transfers. This app automatically resumes the transfers. Very easy to use. I have tried many apps before but Best app I have ever used. I liked it.


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