A question for you to answer

My friend Gary asked me an interesting question last night and I thought I’d post it here and you can respond and tell me how you would answer.

So the question: If you could choose to have one super power, what would you choose; either the ability to be invisible (when you want) or the ability to fly (when you want).

What would you choose?

And a follow up question: Would you use your power to fight crime?

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3 responses to “A question for you to answer”

  1. Definitely invisible. Don’t know if I would fight any crime –maybe on occasion.

  2. Being invisible would leave too much temptation to do naughty things; plus you’d have to go naked everywhere or people would freak out seeing empty clothes walking around. Ever read The Invisible Man?

    Nobody needs superpowers to fight crime – we can all be far more effective by catching it before it has a chance to start – by volunteering to get involved in the lives of youth as we are now!

    Flying would be fun though.

  3. Invisible. Flying would be fun but it would be cold, wet and nesesary to bring oxygen at some points.

    Fighting crime? No, I mean if I could help I woulld but I never seem to be in places where a crime takes place. I just hear about them in the news.

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