A couple of notes for Friday afternoon

Just got over the flu, and man I’m so glad to have that past me.

Has anybody read the book Designing The Obvious: A Common Sense Approach to Web Application Design Here’s a photo of the cover. It sounds like it could be a good read.

Stumbled across Mophie the other day and really liked the layout.

Lastly, a thought: What is it that people need most? I think people most need to be appreciated. What say you?

3 responses to “A couple of notes for Friday afternoon”

  1. That book looks awesome. I’d love to know what people think of it.

    Also, I think people need to feel wanted more then anything.

  2. I think what people need most is whatever they personally feel lacking. Genius, right? But if you think about that for a moment, then think about what you would answer.

    I need the new iPhone. Second to that is God’s grace through Jesus.


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