86% of Internet Destroyed

Google reports that an astounding 86% of the internet has gone down the tubes, for almost no apparent reason at all. Rumors have been floating around about alien invasions and/or terrorist attacks, although the CIA has confirmed neither one of them. Luckily, Tornado’s servers survived, or else this blog would be history, too! Google also reports that approximately 80 TB (terabytes) of data has been eradicated, and they’re in the process of following clues that might lead them to the culprit; speculators report that it might be an unwitting mistake made by Helga D. Browning, who owns the oldest, most outdated computer connected to the internet. Helga says she turned her PC on, it made a whirring noise, and the hard drive exploded (the incident apparently happened the same time most of the internet disappeared). This suggestion, as with all others, has yet to be verified by the CIA.

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