82 megapixel panoramic photo of my living room

Ok. So I know all of you have just been dying to see what my apartment looks like (yeah right), so I made this for you:

Here’s how it was done…

First of all I had these items:
1. Sony CyberShot 3.2 digital camera
2. El-cheapo $15 Tripod from Wal-mart
3. Autostitch (free from http://www.autostitch.net)

After setting up the camera on the tripod and making sure everything was level, I snapped a grand total of 135 photos. Basically, I would snap a photo, turn the camera a little bit to the right, and snap another one. After doing a full circle of photos on a level plane, I took a circle of photos looking upwards and then a circle looking downwards.

Three hours worth of experimentation and number crunching later, and I am now the proud owner of a panoramic image of my living room!

The final photo is 18,855 pixels wide by 4332 pixels high. In other words… almost 82 megapixels!

Uncompressed, this image is almost 250 megs.
Luckily, when compressed in jpeg format, it drops down to 10 megs.

Download/Viewing Options:
1. 180 degree viewer (click and drag mouse to change view and press – and + to zoom in and out)
2. Jpeg file (10 megs)
3. Flash (streaming image viewer that lets you zoom in – must see!)

P.S. If all you see is a blank square on the 180 degree viewer, that means your computer is missing java. To download the java add-on for your web browser, click here.

P.P.S. Here’s an assignment for you. What time does the clock display that’s on top of my entertainment center? (Hint: you’ll either have to use the flash viewer or download the 10 meg jpeg to find out)

Lemme know what you all think!

11 responses to “82 megapixel panoramic photo of my living room”

  1. What is that contraption next to your thermostat that looks like it has some wires that snake all the way to the closet and then back out to, what I assume is, your room?

    Nice job on the 360 by the way, given the method you chose to do it.

  2. Haha.. I was wondering if anyone would notice that contraption next to the thermostat…

    It’s a thermostat remote-control device that I hacked together. It’s a servo and micro-controller that is connected to my computer in the other room via a long phone wire. Check out the details here

    To view a video clip of it in action, click here

  3. Hey, did Autostitch also give you the ability to do the 180 degree viewer and the flash too?

  4. The Brain Maps API is a lightweight multiresolution image viewer that lets you view Zoomify images. It has been designed to be small and fast, and to consume very little memory, yet still be very functional and extensible. Future versions will enable you to add overlays to multiresolution images (including markers and polylines) and to display clickable labels. The Brain Maps API is a free service, available for any web site that is free to consumers. Available at http://brainmaps.org/index.php?p=brain-maps-api

  5. Very nice, but frankly but do you think that with all the wonderful sights there are all over, that everyone wants instead to see…your living room? Regret you did not apply all that work and effort to something of more universal interest since it was your wish to show to everyone.

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