24 Tonight

Tonight, it all begins again. Don’t miss it.

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5 responses to “24 Tonight”

  1. My Goodness, 9rules is really paying off!
    I am a huge fan of this show and don’t believe I have missed a single episode. For some reason I forgot today was the premier and would have missed it if not for this post right on the 9rules homepage!
    Thanks tons and here’s to a great 6th season!

  2. okay, i’m totally ticked! i missed taping the first 30 minutes of the show because (yes, i don’t have TiVo :'( but my wife is coming around!!) my daughter had horseback riding lessons and so i had to start dinner and was all wrapped up in it and ack! didn’t start it until 1930hrs (that’s 7:30pm for you non-24 viewers).

    does anyone have a TiVo hack? i’ll provide the dvd to burn the show if you do!! pretty please?

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