2008 Dodge Challenger LY

Got this link from Tom. Would you drive this car? I would.

7 responses to “2008 Dodge Challenger LY”

  1. Given that I’m old school enough to remember when cars looked like that without attempting to be “retro”, yeh, I’d drive it.

  2. I have always hated the way all the muscle cars of the 60’s and 70’s looked. They were all crude and brutish looking, in my opinion. And not in a “manly”, good kind of way. Just a plain, boring, dumb, dear in the headlights, over-simplified way.

    I think that all these car companies are running out of ideas, so they’re going back and re-hashing old looks. They add a couple curves and tie in some new technology (srt-4 engine, anyone?), but other than that… boring!

    Does anyone remember the Mazda rotary RX-7 (3rd gen) from the 90’s? Check out this image if you need a refresher: http://lnx.spyro.it/gta/modules/zeuploader/upload_dir/Rx7.jpg

    Now that’s my kinda car! But 10 years later, how does Mazda improve on it? They don’t. They dumbed it down. (see http://www.tommychapin.com/rx8.jpg). It’s as if they got rid of all the sharp edges, just in case a toddler might bump into it. doh!

    Man. What is this world coming to?

  3. I hate to say it, but I think the car is ugly. Now, were someone to remake the Shelby Mustang, I might have a different opinion. My first car was a silver Camaro with T-tops, someone should remake that.

  4. ooooh…An automotive aesthetics debate! Personally, I’m quite happy that recent designs for performace cars are reminiscent of mid 60s muscle cars. Yep, they look brutish. Hence the origin of the term “muscle car”. They’re about performance first and their design is a product of this. A perfect example of form following function. This thing is supposed to have an available 6.1 Hemi that makes 425 horsepower. Yikes.

    I’m haven’t really been a gearhead for years. Hell, I don’t even own a car right now. But, I’ve drooled over the early 70s Barracuda since I was tiny. Obviously the reason I like this car so much.

    At very least we’re tranding away from every car on the planet looking like an ’88 Ford Taurus or a Mazda Miata. 🙂

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