114,890 Sessions at BrainFuel in 2005

I know BrainFuel isn’t considered a leading web site, however we can at least pretend we are. Sampling of some recent statistics on BrainFuel are as follows: 114,890 sessions (2005 to date) and 206,718 page views (2005 to date). That all wraps up to 990 sessions a day. Cool!

Update: Ok, this is interesting. We’ve had a big increase in traffic here at BrainFuel this year. I’m going to credit the great writing and superb caption contests. Hehe. Really, we’ve had a huge traffic increase and we have proof to back it up.

Compare 2004 trends to 2005 (to date). In just a few months this year we’ve had 500 more average daily sessions compared to last year, and in another month or two will easily pass 2004 in its 12 month whole. That’s great!

Welcome to all of our new readers.

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  1. No, that would be a “hit” – hits are every download. If I counted hits it would be a huge misleading number.

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