One Thing You Did This Year?

A year is always full of decisions and changes. What is one change you made in your business, or life, that dramatically improved results?

8 thoughts on “One Thing You Did This Year?

  1. Blob

    Ouch, it’s hard to see that I’ve made no big change in my business! Mainly because I had no time this year, but I know what I need to improve and how to. (creative time management!!)

  2. Don

    By waking up in the morning, I dramatically increased my productivity. But since I only did it once, I didn’t achieve much.

  3. Roger Simpson

    I came out of retirement and at age 69 restarted my business consulting. That means settIng up a web site, chatting, blogging and a few other things that I never heard of before. I am having fun and I am meeting a lot of new people. The 1st of the year will be here soon. Time to do some goal setting.

  4. (bs.)

    Like Joe, I too shut down my business. I had a job offer from left field that was too great not to take. Now I have more time with my family and a greater false sense of financial security! This has, however, enabled my wife and I to start planning a side business where we can work together on.

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