You animal, you

If you could be any type of animal today what would you be and what would you do?

13 responses to “You animal, you”

  1. Pot belly pig—but not on a farm that makes bacon. This is just a fantasy, so it’s okay to pick the location I live, right?

    Pigs are smarter than a lot of children, and that’s one thing I’d hate to lose: my brilliance.

  2. I would be a fly on a wall so I could hear what really goes on in those closed board meetings! The contingency would be that if I were to be swatted, I would immediately revert to being human (Gotta be careful with those wishes; ever read ‘The Monkey’s Paw”?


  3. I would probably like to become the rare and elusive North American Desert Moose. Who could deny that morphing into an animal such as the North American Desert Moose would change your whole outlook on quad-pedal mamalia?

    And what would I do if I could become this great creature? I would just hang out and be rare and elusive. If that were not possible (for whatever reason) I would like to become a Snipe instead.

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