XP user? Dock like a Mac!

Software review: Object Dock is a very cool app in beta that does the Mac dock better than the Mac does. “Out of the box” it has many more features than the Mac’s – even when OS X’s dock is customized with all available 3rd party hacks! Not only can this one show current running apps, preferred shortcuts, and the recycle bin, but you can add “docklet” extensions like the one installed by default which shows the current temperature and weather conditions. Mostly fun, but could actually improve productivity and help you transition to OS X 🙂

One response to “XP user? Dock like a Mac!”

  1. Object dock is a very cool application. And as far as customization goes, it does have many more features then OSX’s dock. However, it still isn’t up to par with OSX’s dock in three respects. You can’t open files by drag and dropping them onto applications stored in the dock. And when a window is minimized, an icon representation of the window should be shone, not the program icon. This feature dosen’t work properly in Object dock. Finally, in OSX’s dock, when a shortvut of a program is placed in the dock, you can popup a contextual menu to access the programs individual properties. There is just one other peeve, which is Object dock dosen’t have custom menus, you need to add a third party docklet for thatfeature which unfortunetly is shareware. But since there is a docklet for it, i can’t say it’s a limitation.
    It’s a fantastic progam, and I hope it gets better. My comments represent the latest version 1.5.

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