I am the proud owner of a…


I know it’s hard to believe. I bought a used windsurf board. I’m as stunned by the news as everyone else. It’s so shocking I’ll repeat it: I now own a windsurfer. Not just any windsurfer, but a Mistral Malibu windsurfboard. It even has two sails!

If anyone wants to offer me some pointers by all means. Point away.

For my reading pleasure: Some articles on windsurfing and quick how-to guides.

Away.com Primer, Windsurfing basics, Lesson #1: Getting yourself on the board. Boy will this be helpful. Simply getting on the board… here’s another article.

3 responses to “I am the proud owner of a…”

  1. Try to learn to windsurf in medium wind conditions if you can. You’ll have something to hold onto (the sail) and the board will move and not be so wobbly. Learning in low wind conditions is often harder.

  2. Thanks for the tips everyone. I’m going to try learning up at Lake Pleasant, first, which is an hour north of Phoenix.

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