Why I Love to Design

I love to design. I can sometimes design a web site in a day, and other times it takes me 5 days. But regardless I always make sure the design exceeds my own expectations.

To me, there is no such thing as “budget design.” If I didn’t design something that lives up to my own expectations I couldn’t live with myself.

The reason I really push myself to provide a great design is because deep down I have this feeling that if i don’t go the extra mile for this client that they’ll be forced to find another designer. The risk is that they will find a designer who doesn’t design something for them.

I love to design because I feel like a great design can make a difference in the future success of a company. I feel like I’m personally helping a business succeed by providing them with a knockout design.

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  1. Hey Chris,

    That’s awesome passion, man! I feel like people who do what they love are always really great at it. That definitely holds true in your case.


  2. I wish I was a great designer, I would have to say that I *can* design but when it comes to the commercial environment I would rather outsource. Somewhat safer, the fun part is bartering the costs involved with clients 😉

    One of the things I took away from @media this year was something John Hicks said. He said great design takes budget as the longer you get to think about the problems you are solving, the better your solutions will be…

    Again… another fun one for the client to chew on…

  3. I feel the exact same way. Though i design products, its gives me the same warm googly (not related to google) feeling inside.

  4. “He said great design takes budget as the longer you get to think about the problems you are solving, the better your solutions will be…”

    I love this quote. Its very true.

  5. yep I too love to design, but also to do the development. I think it must be why I think LEGOS are the greatest toy of all time. From an early age I loved developing ‘things’.

  6. Not exactly related to this post… but sometime back there was a post about a Phoenix-area group of developer’s meeting once a month (I think) to network and drink coffee. Now, I can’t seem to find anything on it.

    Anyone know what I’m talking about? 🙂

  7. Hi Josh, thanks for the kind words. You’re definately right. You have to love what you do.

    Birger, when I said I sometimes can do a design in a day, but sometimes it takes 5, I didn’t mean to say that I could do all of the code. I meant only the Photoshop portion of the project where you are designing (or for that matter, if you design in Illustrator). I personally design in Photoshop.

    Thanks everyone. I can tell there was some good ideas. I have a follow up post in the works.

  8. Hi…

    Just reading your posts and I must say you have given me some inspiration as to redo mine. I have just started building websites and am still figuring out much of how everything is put together. was wondering how many pages can you build in a day?

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