Why can’t people write?

Why do people think they need to write business documents, cover letters, resumes, and emails in a “business-speak”?? It comes across entirely impersonal. Has no life to it, and frankly isn’t fun to read. Phrases like “enclosed you will find an overview of our business services package” or, “we believe that our team can provide you with the best solution in your budget.”

Ugh. It’s just awful.

There was this one client who will go unnamed who asked us to change their slogan to this:

“Quality products at budget friendly prices.”

Isn’t that bad? It just reeks of cheep products which is not their intention. It’s sad. It also says nothing about their product which is a big industry. They have a bunch of retail stores in Arizona.

My main point is that good copywriters don’t just write for you, they can also help your business have a voice and actually say something meaningful.

So next time you are tempted to write something along these lines:

“This strategic partnership is specifically tailored to meet such a need.”

Ask yourself if you should hire a copywriter, or at the very least think about whether you yourself would read such a lifeless statement. And by the way, all of these examples were sent to me this week.

This is the perfect time to introduce you to Chris’ Rule #2 (the first rule is coming next week):

Chris’ Rule: Would you read it? I didn’t think so.

3 responses to “Why can’t people write?”

  1. So are you saying that being more personal in your writing is a bad thing?

    Isn’t it people I’m dealing with? Why wouldn’t this be a good thing??

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