I’m not much of a cat person. I can however appreciate a good cat web site. Whiskas web site is quite nice. The only thing that didn’t go over well with me was the marble background texture. Something about it says 1996 too much.

The developers uses Flash transparency to integrate a video of a cat which you’ll notice walks around the page. It’s quite well done. Read about how they did it on the Macromedia site.

4 responses to “Whiskas”

  1. Ugh. I’m not a fan of the marble. The site is good but, overall it looks… too Victorian-esque. Websites shouldn’t be looking like some 19th or 18th century house in England. Perhaps the average cat-person likes that style.

  2. … and don’t forget serial killers who lives with their mothers (see above photo) . The average cat person. Probably has dozens of them.

  3. The advertising photo basically says: If you live in the African safari and wild animals are nearby, you might want to stay away from Whiskas. It’s that good.

    Tagline idea: It’s so good your puny little cat will feel like a wild bobcat.

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