Howdy folks, I was visiting the Whirlpool web site this weekend and really liked it. It’s a really fabulous design. The layout is impeccable, the photos are classy, and the color scheme is interesting.

Something I would like to point out is how Whirlpool has saved what is a rather ugly logo by placing it on a big brushed steel oval. If they hadn’t done that the logo just wouldn’t work. It wouldn’t work in this design, and it wouldn’t work anywhere. Way to go!

Whirlpool.com homepage.

Kitchen gallery page.

Whirlpool ApplianceAccessories.com site.

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  1. Awesome compliments. I am one of the designers (and a larger team) who is responsible for the redesign. It is good to hear praise every now and again. Unfortunately, I can’t take credit for the logo design: Whirlpool updated that thing before we got started.

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