Where have all of the candy cane eaters gone?

The world was a better place when people loved and enjoyed candy canes. Gone are the days when people enjoyed the fine delectable sugars only found in a candy cane. Pure sugar! But where have these people gone to? Today, nobody eats candy canes! Instead, they are strung on Christmas trees, passed out as parting gifts, but never consumed.

My friends, I do believe the simple candy cane has been passed over.


Perhaps even abandoned.

The only thing to ask is what for? Why would so many smart people decide to never eat candy canes? It must be something to do with a competing candy. There must be something even better grabbing the attention of little kids all over the country. What is it? Do you really want to know? Do you ask sincerely? Well my friends. I think I know.

Shhh… it’s a secret.

It’s chocolate.

4 responses to “Where have all of the candy cane eaters gone?”

  1. How funny, my wife was just mentioning the other night that we needed to get some candy canes to string up on our tree for the kids. I put the nix on it. I’ve never cared for the canes (even as a kid) and always thought they looked goofy hanging from a Christmas tree.

    Although now, I guess it comes off looking kinda grinchy denying the kids, so I’ll probably go out and buy a box to hang tonight and I’ll love every minute of it, just cause I’m an old softy.

    We’ll crank up the fire, make some hot chocolate with marshmellows, sing traditional Christmas songs wear our green and red sweaters…

    It’ll be the best December 9th in history, damnit.


  2. Curiously, every day there are fewer and fewer mint chocolate chip candy canes on my Christmas tree. I wonder where they could all be going…

  3. i know no one eats them my friends give me there left over candy canes because i love them

    to beth my mommy does put themany more because i eat them all in a couple days
    but when its not candy cane season i rely a lolipops untill im joined with my little friends again

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