Remember Webshots? The photo sharing site that was huge, huge, huge until the dot com bomb and then just stayed there all these years while Flickr had this insane amount of success.

Anyways, it was redesigned the other day and here’s a screenshot.

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  1. I have seen that cnet contracted out multiple designers to propose different possible redesigns, and I remember seeing one like this but I can’t remeber which designer it was.

    I am a daily downloader of webshots landscape and beach photos for my webshots screensaver, and I have to say I am not totally liking this redesign. Not to mention the lame “beta” wording near the logo. Especially since webshots has been around for years, sure the new redesign may be in beta till they work out the bugs. But does the public need to know that ….no. The whole design screams 2.0 parody.

    The “Don’t Blink” slogan is sort of weak, what the hell does don’t blink mean anyway. Looks like they may have mashed together a few different ideas.


    Since the above photo link seems to be close to their current layout and I remember seeing the dont blink slogan and logo on a from a different designer. Not totally digging the new layout.

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