Web based calendars – anybody using them?

I’m giving 30 Boxes a try as an online calendar. It’ll be a difficult job convincing me to switch however as I’m used to the “work week” view that I have in Outlook and we’ve managed to network it. Other ones I recently tried: CalendarHub and the new and improved Hotmail shared calendar.

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  1. I’ve tried, but I haven’t been in the habit of using a calendar for a lot of things until the last two years or so. So, I’m still hammering out how I want it to work.

    I’ve been using Sunbird (Mozilla’s standalone calendar app) for about 6 months and I like it a lot. It’s still in beta though, so there are a few features that I’d like to see that don’t exist and the UI is still a bit rough. It’s pretty good all around, though.

    I have it set up to use an iCal file stored on my web server. That way I can use a version on my usb drive and on my various machines that all use the same calendar. Works for sharing calendars with other people too. (Sorta like using a web-based calendar, but I can use this one locally offline as well.)

  2. Web based services like calendars are very impractical. Who wants to load up a site to see their appointments? That’s where you get into stuff like live.com that try to put everything on one site. But even that’s impractical. Hence the invention of RSS. At least that solves one problem: having to surf a million sites to keep up to date. The bottom line is, people don’t like keeping tabs on multiple sites, and if yours offers a calendar but nothing else, I’m not using it.

    End Rant. 🙂

  3. I have been using HipCal (http://www.hipcal.com) for a few months now and I love it. It is easy to use, and has many more features for repeating events than 30boxes. I will be watching where 30boxes goes with their calendar however.

  4. Chris and I have also been trying out an amazing little tool called “OfficeCalendar“.

    I don’t know what chris thinks of it particularly… However, I think it’s crazy awesome.

    Instead of using microsoft exchange and sharing your calendar, or using some watered down web app, this just uses the calendar in microsoft outlook. You set up the little officecalendar server, install the officecalendar client program on all the computer you want to synchronize… and voila. Calendar synchronization perfection.

    I have it installed on my laptop, my office workstation, and my computer at home. To top it off, when I synchronize my blackberry with any one of my computers, it gets a copy of my calendar, too!

    Now I can keep tabs on Chris. bwah hah ha

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