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Our web application is what people will describe as Web 2.0.

As such, I’m trying to determine whether we should create our products logo to fit that mold, or if we should find some careful balance between traditional and Web 2.0.

And don’t worry, it doesn’t have any reflections (*yet*).

I spent some time at LogoPond today. Check out this neat logo for The Limelight Group. And this one for Bulb.

By Chris Tingom

Principal of Tornado Design, a Phoenix, AZ based web consultancy

7 replies on “Web 2.0 Logo”

Unfortunately, i’m one of those that loves the Web 2.0 style – gradients, primary colours, the works. I think it’s neat. The only issue is that it’s becoming rather common.

A half-way point of sorts would be very good. This way you remain different, yet in vogue. If that makes sense?

I would just go with your gut feeling and not worry about whether it is “web 2.0” or not. Just do what looks good and helps represent your business/application.

Logopond has some great logos, I’ve been spending some time there getting ideas for a logo for a company I’m trying to start.

I agree. Good design solves a communication problem whether it is “web 2.0” or not. Go with what feels right. The web 2.0 style didn’t come about because no one cared for it – obviously it’s been popular. Perhaps this is your chance to show the world what happens when a designer takes the web 2.0 style to the next level. Break new ground, grasshopper.

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