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Thanks to their marketing director, here’s a Key West – based design firm with a unique approach to their portfolio site…

Also check out their site for http://www.discovereronline.com, the web home for an 80-foot research vessel. I like the feeling of maritime timelessness present in the intro, although it doesn’t really flow through to the rest of the site.

A couple criticisms: don’t do flash sites that fill the browser window to 100%. It puts your aspect ratio at the mercy of the browser window and can easily make all your work look crude, stretched and distorted. Also, I spent an awful long time in the preload. The only reason for this seems to be cd-quality music clips, over which I had no volume or mute control. I play what I want to on my computer speakers, thank you very much. Give me my ears back!

I can see that either their focus is more on marketing and less on effective web design, or they’re taking advantage of their proximity to the ocean! I know I would be.

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