Wake up and say to yourself…

How on earth does anybody get into the sport of luge racing? Do you just wake up in the morning and say to yourself. “You know what? I feel like learning to race the luge.”

Even if I did say that to myself I have a problem: I live in a desert (Phoenix, AZ) and I wouldn’t have a clue as to where to find a luge track let alone a spare luge. I’m guessing most people have their own luge. I mean, come on. We know for a fact that all of the worlds luge’s are currently in Torino, Italy. Why would you race the luge without being in the Olympics?

So, to anybody who has ever raced the luge I applaud you. No, I salute you. You’re the new hero that will grace the covers of Time and Newsweek magazine. You’re the person that will receive endorsements from world leaders and receive not one, but two lifetime supplies of your favorite beverage. You, my friend, you are awesome.

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  1. Wake up and say to yourself…

    Nothing will stop me today. Even though I live in a desert, I will learn to be the best luger(?) in the world!

    Because I must have the endorsement deals, magazine covers and shoulder rubs with world leaders, I will build myself a sled of plywood with rollerskate wheels. I will attach it to the back of my cousin Ed’s Dodge pickup with a 4 foot length of twine.

    I do this because I am convicted this vaporous idea of mine will become a reality.


  2. I totally remember that movie! I watched it at a friends house. Good stuff. Now we just need to design a bobsled team uniform and get a BrainFuel team together.

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