VW spoof ad’s creators apologize

So some guys make an ad parodying a Volkswagen ad and were sued by Volkswagen. They apologize, and Volkswagen quits suing them. Wait, isn’t this kind of thing classified as parody and allowed under US law? I guess since it’s Germany, their laws may be a bit different.
Has anyone seen this “ad” or know where you can download it?

Update: Here’s some of the interesting story. Looks like VW may have very well been behind the ad. I just don’t get what’s so offensive – I mean, people really do blow themselves up in cars all the time in Israel!

5 responses to “VW spoof ad’s creators apologize”

  1. Wow, sounds like a neat ad. I can see why VW wouldn’t like it though. People “not in the know” would naturally assume VW sponsored the ad.

  2. Wow, interesting. The ad was well “executed” and the story behind it is sure cool. I wouldn’t be surprised if a lot of these spoof ads are just as the article says… produced by the company itself.

  3. Maybe VW didn’t like it because it tells the truth—Islamic folks who comitt suicide bombings are rather prevalent in many parts of the world.
    Stating that fact isn’t very politically correct, that’s for sure, and Islam is popular in Germany. Maybe that’s why they didn’t like it…

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