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BrainFuel reader Justin Garrity writes and sends along a link to a new web site called Visit Cascadia.

Justin writes: “My team and I just completed two new projects for our client, Freightliner. is a more traditional product marketing site and VisitCascadia is a companion site focused more on branding. The concept was a mockumentary tourism site for a trucking utopia made possible by this new truck, the Cascadia, from Freightliner.”

5 responses to “Visit Cascadia”

  1. Being a Full Time Advertising Director for 2 different commercial truck dealerships over the past 10 years, both of which have other franchises owned by the Freightliner Corporation (But not Freightliner Trucks), I really do not see the usefulness of this site. First off it is hard to navigate which brakes the rule to make it as simple as possible to navigate. Also you have to remember the target audience which in this case since it is a sleeper tractor the target audience is going to be over the road drivers that are mostly self employed and older(and to be honest I am not sure they are all that web savvy). The whole site is rather frivilous and really lacks content that the target customer wants, sort of like a fluff piece if you will. First off this type of “branding website” is probably better off suited for personal vehicles.

    Although I do find this site to be a beautiful piece of eyecandy, it really feels empty to me.

  2. Embarassing. That sums it up. I work for Freightliner, and every engineer I’ve talked to is embarassed by this. What is the point? It makes no sense, its frivoulous, and the message it conveys is that the company had excess money to waste on concepts like this with no added value. This has been an joke from the moment is was launched. I dont mean to be rude, but it really is an embarassment.

    Maybe you have to be a marketing person to get it?

  3. Wow!, what a monumental waste of web space. I work for a competitor of FL, but all rivalries aside I would have been as embarrased as the other guy writes if I was employed there. I tried to make sense out of it when the site first hit and was pretty confused myself. Eyecandy appeal of the site was good, and the site might actually do well in a retro website contest, but not with truckers wanting to know what’s new with your product. Good thing JD Powers doesn’t look at websites or FL may have dropped even further down the food chain.

    Ta Ta

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