Venkat Subramaniam on Trying Hard

“If you aren’t making any mistakes, you’re probably not trying hard enough.” — Venkat Subramaniam

Is this true?

4 responses to “Venkat Subramaniam on Trying Hard”

  1. Yeah, totally agree. One is not a failure because they fail; a person becomes a failure when they give up trying. Failure makes one try harder. And if it doesn’t, then they don’t want it badly enough.

    It’s not a bad thing that they may not want it. I mean, it could be anything, right? Like a free burger from Wendy’s – go to the counter and ask the kid behind the register for a free burger, see what happens. Will you give up? Probably. Why? Because you’re really not that motivated to get it for free. Jail just isn’t that appealing to me, at least.

    How many times do you think the “biggest all-time successes” failed at their endeavors before reaching their goal and succeeding? I quote the whole “biggest all-time successes” because I feel that is a cultural buzz-phrase. Success is a state of mind.

    Enough of my blogging on ur blog, Chris. that’s my 42.5 cents worth.

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