Using Google Docs to Write Documentation for Our Upcoming Web Application

I’m so inspired by the progress we have been making on our web application. In recent days we have covered significant ground, and next week we have some things planned which will kick start some areas of the front end development.

I have been working on the documentation for our app, and decided to use Google Docs to make it happen. I am more than pleased with Google Docs. It’s very robust, allows me to update the documentation from wherever I am at, and I can share it with everyone involved. So far I have about 8 pages of documentation.

I’m breaking my documentation into the following categories:

  1. URL Structure
  2. Usernames & Profiles
  3. Login/Logout (cookies, etc.)
  4. Future Development Considerations
  5. Tentative Development Schedule
  6. Features For Launch
  7. Post Launch Features
  8. Marketing
  9. Desktop Widgets
  10. Owning a Category
  11. Exporting
  12. RSS
  13. Help and Support
  14. Payment Gateway

As you can see, I have not even begun to document things on a page by page level, that is my next step. One of the interesting things about our schedule is that it has slipped a bit. We have been so very busy with other projects for clients, that it was unavoidable. The good news is that we’re past the stage when we are the only ones involved (bringing in coders and developers is next on our agenda).

I’d say we’re shooting for a June launch at this point, but it could be sooner. I’m trying to ensure that it is sooner.

I haven’t told you what our web app is all about yet! Don’t worry, that’s coming soon enough. In fact, I’m putting the final touches on the marketing ideas I’ve been jotting down. I’m wanting to be sure of a few things before we do that, and not announce too early.

It’s all very exciting to be making progress like we are. We’re VERY excited about our product. We think there is a huge gap in the market right now for a tool like we will be offering. We really think that what we’re building has some important ideas.

Thanks and stay tuned!

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