Got this from Gary:

“I did not get what I envisioned” from the project, the senior official acknowledged. But he said the F.B.I. today had a better understanding of its computer needs and limitations as a result of the effort. “The lesson we have learned from this $170 million is invaluable,” he said.

An unnamed senior official of the FBI explaining why the FBI spent $170 million on a computer system, once deemed critical to the war on terrorism, that is now described by the FBI itself as “unusable.”

Ok, so how many BrainFuel readers read that and said “what terrible parents to not give their child a name.” How on earth do you go through life without a name?

“Hi, I’m Chris, what’s your name?” I ask.

He says: “Great to meet you. I actually don’t have a name but people call me Unnamed.”

Me: “I think I’ll be moving on now.”

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