The Unitrunk web site is 100% Flash and wins the prize for likely being the most complex to build yet the least amount of scrolling ever required on a site this size. I really like how this site works and it is immediately clear that this company gets it.

3 responses to “Unitrunk”

  1. Nice looking website but no seo use. I can’t see the use of flash for building this website appart from the animations. It could easily be built with css and be accessible and seo friendly.

  2. Please send your details of your products @ contacts in Middle East.

    My Contact Adress,

    C. K. Sajeer
    Purchase Coordinator,
    P. B. No. 1040, PC. 112, Ruwi,
    Sultanate of Oman.
    Ph. No. 00968 24819037, 24819038, Fax – 24810422
    GSM – 99231098

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