Two Nice Portfolio Sites

I’ve received emails from two people recently sending in their personal web sites. They’re both quite similar so without further ado here they are:

Mark Okon

Steffen Jahn

3 responses to “Two Nice Portfolio Sites”

  1. I really like the Mark Okon site. The navigation is simple and elegant, and the way he presents his work is very clean and professional. Out of all the portfolio sites out there, I’d say that it comes closest to what I’d envision for my own site.

    I find the Steffan Jahn site to be too tedious to navigate and I left it before I even saw three things from his portfolio.

    I still have the Mark Okon site open in another window as I write this, however.

  2. The Steffen Jahn site is difficult simply because I want to go at light speed and I can’t.

    I’m not in control on Steffen’s site.

    I did find an “Overview” button near the bottom however which makes it display thumbnails. That was helpful.

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