Turn that water into wine

What is it about clients that makes them think that Photoshop turns them into gods? We’re doing a catalog for a client and the request was “turn the water in the glasses into wine, please.”

By Chris Tingom

Principal of Tornado Design, a Phoenix, AZ based web consultancy

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I’ve found that society kind of claims all special affects as “Photoshoped” and many of my friends believe that because I own a copy of Photoshop I can do anything to a photo that they give me….

That is the single funniest client request I’ve ever heard!

We have a winner.

Its a doable request but it is more along the lines of digital art, not design and development.

I had a teacher who writes the Photoshop Saavy books in college. He did some truly amazing and unbelievable things with photoshop. Things that even skeptics would look at and believe.

Hah, I had no idea this post would get so many comments… but I suppose it is a funny remark. Surprisingly, not many of our clients read our blog. Oh well, a big shout out to any that do. We love you.

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