Treehugger is an amazing blog (content aside). You must check it out if you are ever involved in designing blogs or community sites. For one, they’ve got this neat link system on the sidebar which lets visitors jump to the next content block. Interesting. Then there’s the sweet navigation. I’m really digging this site.

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4 responses to “Treehugger”

  1. It’s interesting how they’ve notated the number of pages on the right side. Further, I like the call-to-action on the final page to go on and view the archives — giving the visitor an idea of how much content there is.

  2. I love the design. Simple but very cool logo. The green and white on deep gray has a nice sense of depth to it. Do we know what the typeface is?

  3. Does anyone know what CMS/blog publishing system they’re using to power this? Thanks Brainfuel for another great find 🙂

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