Time never stops, except for you it does!

Let’s hypothetically say you were a superhero and you could pause time for everyone except yourself.

Would you use this power to:

  1. Rob banks and helpless victims blind
  2. Catch up on your projects and work
  3. Tour interesting yet innaccessible landmarks (for example, the Oval office in the middle of the day)
  4. Or something else?

Leave a comment and let me know!! I also have a question: If you stop time would airplanes fall to the ground? I think they would.

33 responses to “Time never stops, except for you it does!”

  1. Here’s a question for you to ponder, Thomas.

    If you stopped the movement of the earth and all things on the earth, does movement = time in that case?

  2. I just froze all movement and time of the entire universe for an entire millenia.

    Unfortunately, I was frozen as well, so when everything started back up, I didn’t have anything to show for it.

    I can’t even remember the experience, cuz my brain was frozen in time and didn’t form any memory imprints.


  3. As a followup to this post I just noticed there is a movie coming out that takes this concept to the next level. Here’s the description:

    A family man whose busy career as an architect doesn’t leave much time for his wife Donna (Kate Beckinsale) and two kids. Unable to figure out which of his many remotes turns on the television, he goes shopping for a universal remote and finds the perfect device through Morty (Christopher Walken), who gives him a one-of-a-kind remote with magical powers.


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