This could be the best invention

The Clocky could very well be the invention of the decade. At least the year. What about you? What sorts of things have you done to wake yourself up? Or do you jump out of bed every day early without an alarm?


4 responses to “This could be the best invention”

  1. “beep!!!! beeepp!!! beeep!!!” (alarm)
    *clunk* (alarm jumps off desk) *click click click* *whirr* (rolls around)
    *bedsheets rustling*
    *person steps out of bed directly on top of alarm clock and feet fly out from underneath*
    “aaahh!!!” *wham*

  2. believe it or not, the solution to this whole alarm clock issue is quite simple. Two alarm clocks. Keep one near your bed, and put another louder one across the room or in the next room. Set them both to go off at the same time. So the one near your bed wakes you up, and then the one far away from the bed keeps you from actually falling back asleep in case you hit snooze on the first one. I’ve used this technique for about two years now and it works great even though I am a hard sleeper.

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