They are different:

Compared to,, and, the thing I have noticed about is that they are working to differentiate themselves.

See the tagline? That’s what they’re doing. They imply that through their web site you can compare hotels, amenities, and everything about a hotel.

Everyone else is competing on price.

It’s just neat that they’re trying to be different.

Plus I like how they advertise on airplane boarding passes. I’ve seen more than a few people walking around with tickets in their front shirt pocket that exclaim the brand. Good job.

4 responses to “They are different:”

  1. This sounds almost like an ad.. 🙂
    I havent used them but did use priceline for a hotel in sottsdale (the plaza) and eventually got a refund as the room was very old and musty. Il have to check them out next time.

  2. I gotcha. Kinda pocking a bit of fun :). I agree its good to try and differenciate yourself and compete with a different approach. Price can only get you so far, usabilty ease and ‘cough’ marketing, are what will seperate the cream from the crop. What the heck does cream of the crop mean anyways? Oh well.

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